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Contrary to popular belief, Major Wireless Carriers like AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-mobile do not directly build their own Cell Towers. Instead, they contract with independent companies who build and develop these sites for them. These construction companies number in the hundreds and they are scattered throughout the United States. After the sites are up and running, then the Major Carriers will then buy the towers from these companies. There are many reasons for this strategy but here are two of the most common:

  • Not exposing their Corporate names, which they have spent Millions of dollars branding, to a nasty County Board meeting with a PTA member or Church group standing up and fighting them
  • Insurance risks associated with accidents during construction

We bring together both construction companies and Landowners by combining years of experience and contacts with our proprietary database. For a very low cost, you can effectively expose your property to the Cell Tower Building companies.

In most cases, people do not know how they were chosen to have a cell tower located on their property. They were just very lucky in most cases do to the mistakes made by a nearby qualified neighbor who could just as easily located the tower on their property. If you wish to achieve optimal exposure and significantly increase your odds of getting a cell tower located on your property, please proceed to register your property today.

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  • Urban Example 
  • State:California
  • City:San Francisco
  • Leasing with: AT&T
  • Lease Length:30 years
  • Rent:$7300/month
  • Rural Example 
  • State:Ohio
  • City:Columbus
  • Leasing with: Verizon
  • Lease Length:25 years
  • Rent: $1600/month *