Our Mission

In order to maintain their Spectrum licenses, Wireless Carriers must continue to build out their networks to 90% coverage. Currently, the industry is at about 40 – 50 % coverage. This required expansion combined with the ever-evolving technologies and consumer hunger for these services means that a lot more towers will continue to be built.

The constant need to facilitate the growing networks also means there is a need for suitable Real Estate Locations for Cell Site Construction Companies. These companies are constantly looking for viable sites for the ever-growing networks of Carriers nationwide. To keep pace with this growth, we have established a nationwide database, making thousands potential new Cell Sites available.

In order to maximize your opportunity in site selection, you will need to market your potential Cell Site actively. Cell Sites provides several services in order to achieve success for both Property Owner’s and Site Acquisition Companies.

Our Services

Our services include both Local and National marketing to maximize your results. If you market your site properly, you increase you chance of being one of these sites.

Real Estate Owner’s

The number one question in the industry is “how can I get a cell phone tower on my property?” Our services are specifically tailored to answer this question. We have developed the necessary processes to help Property Owner’s list their property, market their property and negotiate a favorable lease. Our database enables Property Owner’s to keep updated information pertaining to their site as well as make it available to Site Acquisition Companies.

Site Acquisition Specialist

Our database is available to SAS professional nationwide. We gather Site information in a manner that makes your job easier. We help eliminate time-consuming field efforts to secure viable Property. You will have direct access to the sites in your market and be able to conduct searches using various search parameters. You can search by city/state, latitude/longitude, zip code and others. Submit an application today and start selecting sites.

Property Evaluation

In order to list your property, you will need to evaluate whether or not it has the potential to become a Cell Site. We have established certain criteria are common among all Cell Sites. In general, if your Property meets these criteria, it is suitable to become a Cell Site. After you finish your evaluation, you will either proceed to list your property or decline. In some cases, even if a Site Acquisition Specialist chooses you property, it may still not qualify due to a zoning or easement issue.

Our Program

Through innovation and strong industry experience, we have established a program to facilitate both Real Estate Owner’s and Site Acquisition Companies. We developed a program to both maximizes speed to market for site acquisition companies and optimizes long-term wealth for Real Estate Owners. We provide an Enterprise solution under one source.

Lease Negotiation information

Once you are contacted by a SAS, Cell Sites is there to help. Cell Sites, at no additional charge, provides up to date information on Cell Tower Lease Rates. We supply you with all the necessary information to help you make knowledgeable decisions. As an industry leader, we are constantly updating are data to the latest trends.


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