How does the CellSites program work?

The CellSites program is very simple. First, we have a Nationwide Database to expose properties to Cell Tower Constructing Companies. Second, we provide a comprehensive “Landowner’s Guidebook” that addresses the questions that Landowners have had for years but no one will answer.

What will the CellSites Program cost?

Guidebook: The Guidebook is available for purchase. It is the ONLY book in the industry to answer the questions Landowners have. This book cost time and money to develop and is invaluable to helping Landowners. Industry experts just do not have the time to go through the entire Cell Tower Building process step by step. This book does that.

Database: A listing fee is assessed for the cost of uploading and maintaining sites photos, marketing materials, database management and overhead relating to maintaining the website. There is an additional fee of the first month rent, once you enter into a lease on the property you have listed.

Do I have to purchase the Guidebook to list my Property?

No, you do not have to purchase the Guidebook to list your property. If you want to maximize your chances of obtaining a Cell Tower lease, you should purchase the Guidebook. To fully educated yourself eliminate all the questions you have, you will want to purchase the Guidebook.

Will CellSites help with the negotiations of my lease once I am contacted?

CellSites will use its many years of experience to help negotiate a fair market rent for no charge if you wish. If you choose to use an outside consultant or yourself, you are still obligated to pay the first month’s rent to CellSites as part of the listing fee.

How can I get a cell phone tower on my property?

First, you can market your Property to Cellular companies yourself or you can use a service such as CellSites. When you try to market your property on your own, you may find if very difficult to get in touch with anyone who can or wants to help you. If you use Cellsites, you will be part of a database accessible by professionals who develop Cell Site locations.

How much can I expect to receive each month in rent for having a cell phone tower on my property?

Cell tower leases range from $750/month up to $4000/month. Cell Site lease rates vary widely based on several factors including population, zoning, land values, alternative sites and more.

How do I get more information or sign up?

To get started is very simple. Just click on the “register” button and just follow the simple instructions. You will receive an authentication password to your e-mail. You will now be able to register, update contact information and monitor your progress until you have secured a lease.